Here are the different components included in the box. You will find a support that can be glued with an adhesive patch on your surfboard (all board styles, foam and resin), the main device can be recharged with a base and a USB cable provided.


The first step is to clean the surface on which the substrate will be glued with a dry cloth (and possibly a little gasoline F). To define the place where to position the support, it is necessary to choose a perfectly flat area, in the middle of the board at a distance of 20 to 50 cm from the nose of the board. To mark on the foam boards, lie down on the board in the rowing position, place your head on the board and place the board holder 10 cm above your head. For shortboards, position the stand before the rocker between 20 and 30 cm from the nose. The red part of the Board Holder must be removed and the holder immediately plated on the surface of the board. Be careful to position the 4 points upwards towards the nose. Apply uniform pressure to the entire surface for 30 seconds and then wait 24 hours before your next session.


As soon as the board support has been glued and unstressed for 24 hours, follow these two steps to attach the main device before each session to your board:

– Step 1: Position the main device as defined in the image below.

– Step 2: With strong hand pressure on the device and a 90° clockwise rotation movement, position the system in the axis of the board. Once the session is over, to undo the device and recharge it, perform the reverse operation, pressing the device vertically and turning counterclockwise.


Once your suit is donned, the waxed board and the device placed on the board, you will be able to turn it on.

CAUTION: BEFORE EACH SESSION AND EACH IGNITION, THE BOARD MUST BE POSITIONED FLAT TOWARDS THE OCEAN! Without this, the device will not be able to accurately assess your behaviour in the water and will not be able to guide you during your rowing phase.

To light the product and before going into the water, the board being well positioned as indicated in the previous step, perform the following two steps:

– Step 1: Keep pressing the button until the lights turn green. Release as soon as it’s green.

– Step 2: wait until it’s blue (a few seconds) and then you can go surfing!


When you are surfing and looking to catch waves, the light of the device must be permanently blue. When you are about to catch a wave and are rowing towards the beach, 3 situations can occur.

1) The lights stay blue: you didn’t row enough or the wave was too small. You will have difficulty in making a correct take-off and catch the wave. You will have to try to position yourself better (don’t forget to lift your chest, put your hands flat on the board and row harder).

2) The lights turn green: this indicates that you are on the right timing and that you can get up and start your recovery phase. The objective must be to start this recovery phase at the same time as the light change takes place. If you do your take-off at the same time as the light turns green, it means that you have the optimal take-off and perfect timing. You can now try to reproduce this type of take-off without the device and thus alternate a session with, a session without until you assimilate the perfect gesture.

3) The lights turn red: this means that a critical fall is prepared for the take-off (mode automatically activated from a certain instability on the board when lying down). This will not prevent you from falling, but remember that if you see this signal coming on it means that you need to be prepared to protect your head with your hands because a fall is imminent.


To charge your device, use the usb-miniusb cable provided. You can connect the USB cable to a computer port or to a wall outlet.

It takes an average of 2 hours to recharge your device. When it is charging, a red light flashes. When it is charged, a fixed green light is on. CAUTION: it is necessary to position the device correctly towards the usb cable (see picture below), otherwise the product will not charge.


Remember, safety rule number 1 is to avoid any risk of collision between the board and another surfer/swimmer/yourself! To do this, it is essential to respect the priority rules. Before starting to row on a wave, it is therefore necessary to ensure that no other surfer is present on the wave or has priority. As a reminder, the surfer closest to the surf (foam) has priority. Whatever your level, you must remain in control of your board, in case of the presence of other surfers around you, you must always make sure you can avoid any collision. Stay alert, take waves safely while watching around and have fun!