Virtual Coaching & Tracker for Skaters

Forget your GPS watches and mobile applications, a smarter device integrating more features is born! With Ride+ technology: a device to put on your board, and connected to your mobile via the mobile app, allows you to measure all your rides and progress quickly thanks to an innovative virtual coaching system.

Skateboard connected with GPS Tracker

The device is directly connected to the application and allows you to see all the paths taken during your session. The GPS data captured by the unit allows you to have an error-free rendering.

Get after your session thanks to the Ride+ mobile application, on your mobile phone (or on your computer) the results of your session.

Instant Review of your Skateboarding Sessions

Review and keep all the statistics of your sessions to see your progress.

  • Ride+ allows you to know all the data related to your session such as the number of rides you’ve made, the duration of riding, the number of meters covered, your speed and much more !

    All the data captured during your session allows your online coach to provide you with all the necessary details to progress quickly.

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