RIDE+ comes with its autonomous coaching function.

Small, Intelligent, Multisports.

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Ride+ Connect one of the best Action Sports Trackers:

Complete analysis of your sessions

[NEW] Only for skateboard, surfboard and snowboard

The Most Powerful Tracker for Surfing, Skating & Snowboarding. Say hello to BYTHEWAVE Technology.

Everything you need to improve your riding skills

The amazing Ride+ concept

The name says it all. Ride + is the new app that encourages you to Ride more and Earn more. Put the device on the board of your choice and achieve challenges by simply riding. You can access to the best offers of your outdoor favorites brands. Only one device for all supports. With your Ride + connect, you are able to see your progress
and get some advice to improve your level thanks to a virtual coaching.

You ride? You win.

Our users can participate in challenges. They can access great deals on our marketplace where they can spend Ride coins (our virtual money) on deals of their

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choice on all action sports brand. The user can win vouchers, discount coupons, prizes in our partner’s Actions sports shops.


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After 4 years of research and development, Bythewave became multi-sport. Thanks to a predictive algorithm we are able to measure board movement and also rider behavior to deliver the best results in terms of performance to our users. Ride + is now the most powerful tracker for Surfing, Skating & Snowboarding.

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